Broken Unicorn Diaries

What Im About

Hi, Im Deidre Michelle <3

Bonjour, J'mapelle Deidre, and I'm totally positive that I don't speak french haha. The more you stick around my blog, the more you'll realize not to always take me super seriously. Let me start from the beginning, I was originally born in San Francisco, however moved around my entire life, so i have so many sides to me but being from the Mission in San Francisco is probably one of my favorite parts of my identity. Im at a point in my life where I'm starting over, i don't have a clear mission in life or title, Im just a girl brave enough to start over and I've decided to blog about it for those of you who can relate. I love sunflowers, but hate any other kind of plant. my favorite food is sushi and chicken wings, two things that would probably make you puke if you paired them together, I have awful anxiety that doesn't correlate with my ability to be a social butterfly and aside from the irony of my characteristics i have a heart of gold. I want this blog to be a place where anyone can go for an escape, from my personal articles, to advertising small businesses to make up tutorials from amazing make up artists and even outfits of the week. I guess to sum all of this up, i won't tell you to subscribe or visit often, but if you're lost like myself, theres a place for you to stop by...