To The Girl Who Seems Fearless

To the girl who seems fearless:

You’re beautiful. Not in the obvious ways most people count as beauty, in more subtle ways, that you probably never even notice. You see we just met, but i mean this when i say i feel like i've known you forever, like somehow every obstacle i've endured was to teach me how to love you the way you’ve always deserved to be loved.

Hang tight, this is not a love story…..

I know you’re anxious, i know you’re tired, i know you’ve been hurt and i know the exact measures of your pain, every inch more beautiful than the next. The bags under your eyes tell me stories that would probably never leave your own mouth. Either you slept less than you needed, or your stress level today was a tad more than you could bare, nevertheless, if i could i would dive into each and every one of your thoughts and swim in them for all eternity, because anything that is yours, or that belongs to you, is pure bliss.

But see all of that is what i love about you, imperfections. The fact that you’re so extraordinary in methods that make me believe i'm not even close to good enough for you, but like your anxiety, or the scars on your elbows, or your crooked thumb from when you broke your arm when you were 8, and like those bags under your eyes, these are little imprints that prove, that regardless of how angelic you are, you’re also human.

You’re real; and see the thing about real is that it’s not always nice, but it always comes from the heart, and that’s all you are, is heart. Like my coffee, at times, sips of you may taste bitter. But i would rather die than dilute who you are and prevent my tongue from tastes of how truly raw and strong you are. Because just like me, my palette depends on you, and my tastebuds crave you almost as much as my arms do when you’re not around.

But as much as i want it to be, this is not a love story, no, in fact it’s a revelation. You don’t need me, you don’t need anyone and ironically that’s what i love about you the most. I know that when this chapter ends you’ll be fine, but me? Not so much. I needed you in order to survive, i needed you to keep going, because without you there is no survival in me.