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Veronica, so to speak..

Ok, so before everyone starts going ham on this scary movie 'Veronica', let me just say one thing, IT'S BEEN DONE. We've seen the demons, the hauntings, the exorcisms and the ghost little children that, don't even deny this, scare the shit out of us. The thing is, I'm not saying we can't remake movies or try and piggy back on an idea. We all do it, Myspace was before Facebook, mp3's were before iPods, and sidekicks were way ahead of iPhones. But all of these piggy back ideas have one thing in common: they were better ideas and better versions of the first.

First of all, the movie starts off with shorty (veronica), and she's this misunderstood beautiful girl that truly isn't viewed and appreciated the way she should be. Again, this has been done in the movies: Twilight, Perks of Being a Wall Flower, any and all Disney movies, and honestly if I keep going I could do this all day. Anyway she's about 15 years old. Her and her friends go to the basement of her catholic school and channel evil spirits through the famous ouji board. She intends to contact her late father and as expected ends up contacting someone else. Also, there is no back story on her father, no information on him that could further pull us in and connect with her character.

Veronica's mom works nights and she is pretty much left alone caring for her three younger siblings. So after Veronica passes out in her school's basement and whispers something in her friends ear, the director attempting to add the illusion of suspense, she snaps out of it in the nurses office and all of the 'creepy ominous' things start to happen. Im sure you can imagine what I'm talking about, theres a night where she hears her dad call her name and sees him in a corner looking evilesque, she starts having the dark dreams, and yes you guessed it, it starts to effect her friendships and personal life.

Look, I'm all about a scary movie, and from what I've heard this movie is specifically based on a police report, or so the ending is, but me personally, I would of liked to see more creativity. They never show the demon or the face of the demon. They make it look like this huge skinny guy, and I run into those on a daily basis, I ain't scared. The demon itself looks unrealistic, they never follow up on her father after that last time she saw him, and nothing goes as far as things falling and someone slipping and cutting themselves in the slightest way. It's 2018, if you're going to do something switch it up and please, oh please dont gas it up just to make me lose an hour of my life I wont get back.

Oh, and in the end she dies of unknown causes, so shout out to Veronica...


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